A traditional Turkish Bath offers an invigorating and delightful turkish experience. You will feel like you are in heaven in the white hygienic atmosphere. During your sauna the pores on the skin will open and you will be given a cotton wrap (peştemal) to put around your waist (like a skirt). You will be shown to the warm humid room with a raised marble platform (Göbektaşı) in the centre. Once you lay down on the platform you will start to relax your mind and body and prepare for your skin peeling. Our staff use a coarse mitt or Kese to exfoliate and remove layers of dead skin cells from your head to your toes. Next is the foam massage which will unlock all the tight muscles in your body and you will feel reborn. Our professional staff use a special cloth with soap in it. your entire body is covered with forthy bubbles. You are washed clean and wrapped in towels and taken to our relaxing area where you can listen to soft music while drinking some herbal tea. Finally you will be invited to the massage room to finish your Turkish experience.